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The Startup India Yatra is a platform which aims to help Entrepreneurs realize their startup dream. Entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to get incubated to succeed in their journey from idea to enterprise. The Startup India Yatra aims to reach each and every district of the country.

As a part of this initiative we are launching "The Startup India Mobile van" which will travel throughout the state of Odisha and record all your ideas. Shrofile is our resource partner and will be used to record ideas ofEntrepreneurs from all over Odisha.

In the following screens you would find a detailed guide which will help you record and share your ideas with the Startup India Team, your ideas will be further evaluated and rewarded accordingly. We are extremely optimistic to find the next Gen Entrepreneurs of India through this initiative and would like to wish you best of luck.

Please find below a step by step guide to Download Shrofile and
create your respective Shrofile for Startup India Yatra – Odisha.
You have to answer three questions for Startup Yatra.

The questions are:
1. My Short Intro
2. Problem Statement
3. The Solution

Kindly click on the download button mentioned below to download Shrofile and
answer questions specific to Startup India Yatra – Odisha

Once the profile has been created and responses have been recorded on Shrofile, it is mandatory for you to register at the van. Pitches won’t be considered valid until you register yourself at the van.

Step by Step Guide

Click here to Install

Step 1

Create a new account through your Facebook login or
Signup using your Email Id

Step 2

Upload your information in case you are registering through email

Step 3

Login using your email id and your chosen password

Step 4

After login you will be taken to the feed page. Click on any topic and start recording your answer

Step 5

Click on the red button to start recording. Once recorded click on next to move to the next screen

Step 6

Once video is recorded, you may add music to your video from the options below

Step 7

You can also choose a theme for your video from any of the options below

Step 8

Add description to your video and click on Create my Video

Step 9

Click on the lock sign to make it public if you are satisfied. If not, then click on the '+' sign to create more videos on the same topic

Step 10

After recording your videos click on the pencil icon to update your educational qualification and work information

Step 11

Screenshot of the page for updating your information

Step 12

Once you've created your Shrofile the Startup India Team will review your Shrofile through your Public profile link.

Step 13