Is it important to unwind?

A break after a long working day. A holiday after months of dedicated work. Isn’t just the thought of it make you go wow?

You thrive or plan for that much needed time of relaxation after a load amount of work. And somehow you manage to get it. Imperative! Right? Well, then do you think unwinding is necessary? Or you feel it’s a hyped necessity?

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Videos – the new way of self expression – by Shrofile

We have always liked to see people talk and express. That is how we make friends, form work-groups, select team-members and choose who we want to connect with. It gives us a better sense into who people are – their choices, preferences, though process, communication and body language. We can find so much about people by just taking a glance at them and talking to them for a few seconds.

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How connecting with people needs to be real – by Shrofile

In our professional lives, we are constantly making people decisions. It won’t be unfair to say that our overall professional success relies on our people choices and how effective are our interactions with them. Whether we are making teams, trying to find the right candidate, rewarding performers, forging partnerships and JVs or expressing our company culture values and progress, we need to connect with people in a immersive and engaging way.

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