Your story should come from you

When did the last time you expressed yourself in a way you always wanted to?

Don’t remember? Not a problem!

Let us brief you with a few things as to what, why, how and where you need to do it…

First of all, if you feel you haven’t articulated yourself in your ‘perfect’ words then it’s high time. This is what’ you need to start working on right away!

Now, ‘why’ is it necessary? Expressing leads to greater possibilities and some of the stated reasons below have a high probability of following your path:

  • You might get to know more about yourself.
  • You might start to express your ideas in a more organized way.
  • Your story narrated by you might create credibility and authenticity for you among others.
  • Your story might get viral and become an inspiration for others.
  • It might boost you to speak/write often. And ‘n’ number of other reasons.

‘How’ to do it?

Just a little effort and you are all set. You can either write a personal blog or create a video of yours.

Lastly, ‘Where’ all can you execute this? 

All you got to do is create a personal account on any of the writing platforms and post your own blog.

For video profiling, you don’t need to go anywhere. Just download ‘Shrofile’, the world’s first video-based professional platform and you are good to go. Shrofile makes recording comfortable and interesting for you. You can record 30-second videos that can easily be shared with the world and even deleted when needed.

People say ‘your story turns out the best when it comes from you’. Damn right the people are!

Okay, what are you waiting for now? Get going buddy!

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